I tried to do this once

So, I tried to write a blog once…..

I realise now that meant I had to do it more than once. Even though I sit here wondering why no one ever read my clever and witty words, I actually know that this might be my own fault.

See, I suffer from an all too common problem these days, I want the glory without the work.  I just thought I would plaster a few words up here once in a while and I would be sorted.

I also realised how hard it is to actually do something productive when Game of Thrones is on, or Masterchef, or Man Vs Food.  It’s shamefully easier when that really good documentary about Nelson Mandela is on BBC that I like to tell people I watched (which I did, really.)

So here is attempt 2 to make this work, I want to write a post once a week, and I really don’t want to write about Gun Control or anything overtly political, because inevitably my leftist libertarian eco warrior side will come out and offend someone from somewhere.

Sooo, next week I hope to once again go to my favourite restaurant, so if you happen to have read my blog before (I can count you on one finger), this would be the infamously terrible Christmas meal that I went to last year with work. We are going back again, this time with assurances from the owners that things might have improved.  I am tense with anticipation for round 2.  So I will write another review of The Bielder next Thursday.


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