I used to write spoken word

but now it feels forced, but i tried, and i’m sharing, i have one follower, you know who you are.  one day there might be more of you, and i’m going to write like their might one day be more of you.  so to all my friends who don’t know i have a blog, which is all of you, here is my first attempt to get back into writing, its short.


working through wording,

i’m trying to create.


no, i’m working to create,

I am forcing creativity.


i’m pushing through my fingers,

the will to write words.


no, to create words of art,

words that pull the world’s seam’s apart.


I am forcing truths,

unraveling preconceptions.


no, i’m uncovering misconceptions,

of underserved redemptions.


i force my fingers to write,

unsure of what to type.


no, i’m lost in my own thoughts,

my mind wanders… away.


creativity slipping away,

growing tired with age.


no, wasting away,

malnourished and unpracticed.


like the tools of a trade,

left out in the rain.


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