Brain Heist

so my wife (we aren’t married, but saying partner sounds silly and everyone else calls her my wife) told me the most fascinating fact.  some women, in the final stages of pregnancy, have their brains shrink by as much as 3%.  This is made even more fascinating because we are actually just starting to attempt to make babies.  


this is truly amazing, pregnancy makes you stupider (my wife’s words, seriously).  apparently, if the baby doesn’t get enough nutrients to develop it’s brain, it will basically steal its mother’s brain in some sort of neonatal heist. 


so take heed new mothers, feed your body with lots of good nutritious food, or else your baby will steal your frontal cortex.  of course this is by no means a serious medical journal, and maybe my wife is wrong, the babies might be after your occipital lobe.


Also, the brain apparently regrows to full size after about 6 months.



other thoughts for the day, google image Brussels sprouts, they look unnatural.


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